Fire For Effect

Fire For Effect Live - 20 July 2022

Episode Summary

20 July 2022 - Recap my first cooking show -Joe Rogan thinks we're commies “Above Your Service” 5 Points of Healing by Mr. Hooper 1) Alternative options to regular pharmaceuticals. Medical Cannabis Access, ketamine therapy options, psychedelics education. - Cannabis, By Default. (C.B.D clinics) 2) Mental Health Access. (A.Y.S partnerships) - finding the ”root cause of effect” is vital to proper healing. Paired properly with psychedelic medicines, mental health therapy can be beneficial in the recovery process. 3) Sense of Belonging. - creating the community, meaning & purpose, peer support, mentorship and social education those in recovery require to heal. 4) Giving Back & Street Outreach - Sometimes we need to be found, before we can heal. * Veteran unhoused projects * - Official street teams now established in Edmonton & Calgary. (Water Warriors partner) 5) Veteran Initiative Projects - Memorialization, In Remembrance and revitalization initiatives. - wheels to heal program Building chopper bikes for veterans (mr hooper Inc) We care about you, for you, with you. We are Veterans ! How can We help ? #HealAndHelpHeal